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These PDFs have been reconstructed and illustrated from Alex Tavares's original press archives. They span the height of his career from 1965-72, from his profound impact on the Nairobi art scene to his early years in Canada.

Interview with Alex Tavares- Teacher, painter and sculptorl discusses his art and influences.

Tribute from Alex Tavares' first one-man Nairobi exhibition
by Wilfred R. Maciel
December, 1965

"A monumental painter of ideas"
by E.P. Njau; The Sunday Nation
17 December, 1967

"Searing surrealism"
author unknown; The Reporter, Nairobi
29 December, 1967

"East Africa's only master of surrealism"
by S.I. Clerk; The East African Standard
16 August, 1968

"Tavares art exhibition has powerful effect"
by Katie Fitzrandolph; The Regina (Canada) Leader-Post
17 May, 1969

"Drape Series"
by Kay Kritzwiser; The Globe & Mail (Toronto)
11 March, 1972

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